Global Warming

There is so much happening around global warming in the news at the moment and i thought so would do a large painting if my own to reinforce the message about the impact on our wildlife ! This one is large and is called ‘Time To Act’ painted in acrylic on Masonite ( 92cm x…

The Nightwatch

Robbie’s large original painting called ‘Nightwatch’ was donated to COPS charity to be auctioned off at their Winter Ball. Care Of Police Survivors we’re founded in 2003 and has helped support hundreds of police families devastated by the loss of a loved one who died in duty. The painting was bought by Sir Rod Stewart…

New Limited Edition Piece

NEW LIMITED EDITION PIECEThe painting ‘Nightwatch’. Is now available as only 500 limited edition giclee prints .The image size is 31 x 46 cm. These prints are being sold as exclusive limited edition, prints . They are printed in museum quality ‘lightfast’ ink by my award winning publisher. The price is £85 including UK postage.

Soft Landings

Soft Landings’ Soft Landings ’’ painted in acrylics on MDF. Size 23.5 x 30 inches. I painted another barn owl as they hold a special place in my heart. They are so silent and stealthy! In this painting the owl is highlighted by a slight stream of light emanating from the top of the forest.

A Very Interesting Project

A VERY INTERESTING PROJECTI have been asked to paint many ‘interesting’ things over the years, including painting zebra and tiger stripes on baths for companies magazine photo shoots, but this one was very different. I was asked by the chief pilot of a police helicopter, to paint a white tiger face on his carbon fibre…